Development and Manufacturing

Seamlessly proficient in development and manufacturing processes, we leverage state-of-the-art facilities to deliver high-quality aerospace, space, and defense products. Our commitment to innovation propels continuous improvement.


UMAC HiRel MANUFACTURING (UHM) stands as a dynamic division within the UMAC Group, specializing in tailored product development and manufacturing for the Aerospace and Space sectors. Drawing from extensive experience in these industries, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions, guiding our clients from initial concept to the delivery of finished products or subsystems.

At UHM, we prioritize collaboration, carefully selecting strategic partners to complement our capabilities, ensuring that we deliver truly adaptable and scalable manufacturing solutions. Our AS9100 Rev: D compliant facility is primed for system integration and testing, upholding the highest standards of quality and reliability throughout the manufacturing journey.


Product Customization

UHM is uniquely positioned to craft tailored, competitive, and practical strategies for delivering quality products to both domestic and international markets. Our approach uses advance technology for best results.


At UHM, we thoroughly grasp the client's exact needs, assess potential risks, and implement effective mitigation strategies. Our team develops a clear execution plan to ensure seamless product delivery. Precision is our priority.


At UHM, we excel in product manufacturing through meticulous innovation. Our streamlined process, leveraging cutting-edge technology and skilled artisans, ensures both efficiency and uncompromised quality.


We take pride in our role of establishing, implementing, integrating, and maintaining quality protocols to meet the rigorous AS9100 Rev D standards, ensuring compliance for the aerospace, space and defense industries.

Introducing Our Leading Products

UHM delivers unique electronic and communication management solutions customized to our customers’ precise needs. Among our offerings are:

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Brushless DC Motors Enquiry

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Test Loop Translators Enquiry

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